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Software Extension to the PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition

The importance of computer software to the modern business world is undeniable. Organizations across all industries and geographies are dependent on data processing and electronic communication, and on the software that drives these capabilities. The management of software development projects, just as the management of any other projects, is faced with the need for increased efficiencies, with results expected more quickly, at lower cost, and with higher quality.For decades, the project management approaches contained within A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) have formed the foundation for projects across the range of human endeavor.However, some software project managers reported experiencing challenges when seeking to translate the established approaches of the PMBOK® Guide with adaptive approaches such as agile that are more commonly used in software development. Now for the first time, the Software Extension to PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition brings these two worlds together. This groundbreaking work was developed jointly by PMI with the IEEE Computer Society, the world's premier organization of computing professionals, and draws upon the wisdom of programmers, IT professionals and working project managers from around the globe. Designed to be used in tandem with the latest edition of the PMBOK® Guide, this comprehensive volume closely follows the PMBOK® Guide's approach to style, structure and naming, while providing readers a balanced view of methods, tools, and techniques for managing software projects across the life cycle continuum from highly predictive life cycles to highly adaptive life cycles.Software Extension To the PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition provides readers with knowledge and practices that will not only improve their efficiency and effectiveness but that of their management teams and project members as well.
Publicado por: Project Management Institute | Data de publicação: 01/09/2013
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PMP Exam Prep Questions: 715 Questions Written By Professional PMP Trainer Based On PMBoK5.0 (English Edition)

This book provides you with 715 Q&A to practice for the real PMP exam. All the question has been written by professional PMP Trainer with long experience in the field. the layout is very simple and helps you to navigate through the questions very easily. questions are grouped according to the knowledge areas. All the questions and answers are based on the PMBoK 5th edition.
Data de publicação: 26/07/2016
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CAPM® Exam Simplified: Aligned to PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition (English Edition)

Gain knowledge and confidence to pass the CAPM® Exam by utilizing over 800 sample questions. CAPM® Exam Prep Simplified provides detailed solutions explaining why the best answer is best and the wrong answers are wrong.To learn to ride a bike, a person must ride a bike. To learn to pass the CAPM® Exam, a person must practice with hundreds and hundreds of CAPM® Exam Prep sample questions. CAPM® Exam Prep Simplified 2013 provides hundreds of sample questions with detailed solutions explaining why the best answer is best and the wrong answers are wrong. For every section of the PMBOK® Guide -CAPM® Exam Prep Simplified 2013 provides: - a summary of the most important ideas for CAPM® Exam Prep - CAPM® Exam Prep exam tips (several hundred exam tips in total) - sample questions for each and every process of the PMBOK® Guide - detailed solutions for each sample question, including a reference, to the PMBOK® Guide, a description of why the best answer is best and descriptions of why each of the wrong answers are wrong. Other Sections of the book include: - summary tests are dispersed throughout CAPM® Exam Prep Simplified 2013 - complete 150 question CAPM® EXAM Prep sample exam, with details explanations of the right and wrong answers - list of key names to recognize for the CAPM® exam - exam question strategy with focus on tool and technique type questions
Autoria: Aileen Ellis
Data de publicação: 02/07/2015
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PMP Examination Practice Questions for The PMBOK Guide, 5th edition (English Edition)

If you are studying towards the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Examination then this book is an essential aid in your study program.To help you in your study this book contains:-Over 400 realistic practice questions, answers and explanations;-A guide on how to study for and sit the PMP exam;-A list of all the formulae you need to pass the exam;-Other useful tips and tricks to help your study.Plus, you get full access to the author as your own personal PMP Exam coach - you can email Sean and he will reply to answer all your queries.This book is best used in conjunction with the Pass the PMP Exam book also by Sean Whitaker.
Autoria: Sean Whitaker
Data de publicação: 30/04/2014
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Project Management Fundamentals: A Practical Overview of the PMBOK (English Edition)

"Finally, the concepts of the PMBOK in an easy to read, easy to reference format" "Read this book before you try to read the ‘Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge’" "Great introduction to the PMBOK""Project Management Fundamentals" provides a quick overview of the Project Management Body of Knowledge and covers the critical aspects of project management.Every effort has been made to present a straight to the point description of project management and as such is and easy to read alternative to the "Guide to the Project Management body of knowledge."By providing a fast and practical overview of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, this book will quickly have the reader applying efficient project management practices.The book is specifically orientated to people who wish to rapidly grasp the concepts of Project Management and to those that are preparing for a PMP certification.Readers will learn : Project management best practices Development of project charters and writing of status reports Planning and scheduling Projects Managing issues and risks Managing and motivating team members Contracting Earned value analysis Microsoft projectIf you want to know what the principles of sound project management are without having to read extensive books or enduring project management war stories, then this book is for you.
Publicado por: Blue Crystal Press | Data de publicação: 11/09/2012
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PicturePerfect PMP®: The handbook for memorizing and recalling the PMBOK project management process... (English Edition)

Accelerate your learning process and earn your Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification with the techniques you learn from PicturePerfect. Our test preparation training accelerates your learning of the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) by the use of effective memory techniques that bring difficult-to-remember abstract words and concepts to life with easy-to-remember pictures.
Publicado por: PicturePerfect Learning, LLC | Data de publicação: 20/03/2017
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This book is for for those intending to be project managers, or those who are practicing project managers and want to get acquainted with industry best practices in Project Management.It is a summary of the framework, processes, knowledge areas and techniques of Project Management that equips the individual for excellence-driven career in project management.This book has been updated to reflect the latest edition of 'A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge' (PMBOK Guide), Fifth Edition.Project Management is a highly sought-after workplace skill by corporate bodies of different industries. It is the unique organizational competency that manages change and drives competitive advantage with the outcome of delivering results in line with corporate strategy (ROI),It is a multi-discipline profession that cuts across all fields.
Publicado por: PMDC | Data de publicação: 14/11/2016
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Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) provides generalized project management guidance applicable to most projects most of the time. In order to apply this generalized guidance to construction projects, the Project Management Institute has developed the Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide.This Construction Extension provides construction-specific guidance for the project management practitioner for each of the PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas, as well as guidance in these additional areas not found in the PMBOK® Guide:• All project resources, rather than just human resources• Project health, safety, security, and environmental management• Project financial management, in addition to cost• Management of claims in constructionThis edition of the Construction Extension also follows a new structure, discussing the principles in each of the Knowledge Areas rather than discussing the individual processes. This approach broadens the applicability of the Construction Extension by increasing the focus on the “what” and “why” of construction project management. This Construction Extension also includes discussion of emerging trends and developments in the construction industry that affect the application of project management to construction projects.
Publicado por: Project Management Institute | Data de publicação: 27/09/2016
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RAMAN's PMP EXAM PREP Guide for PMBOK 5th edition (English Edition)

Raman’s PMP® exam Prep guide (second Edition) has been written to reflect “PMI's Exam Content Outline June 2015” with the additional tasks covered for all PMP® exams taken after 11th January 2016.Project management is one of the essential skill the employers are looking for and the Project Management Professional exam such as PMP® credentials are widely recognized and accepted by organizations around the world as an evidence of a level of knowledge and experience that the project manager possess in project management.Raman’s PMP® Exam Prep guide prepares you to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam as well as the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam, both offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Essential features of this guide: •Over 500 sample exam questions and answers with cross reference to PMBOK® Guide fifth edition page numbers.•The real world project examples are given for your reference.•Every chapters filled with the "Exam Watch", "Chapter Summary" and "Exam Points" for easy remembrance of the concepts.•A special chapter "PMP® Exam Passing Tips" containing summary information which will help your last minute exam preparations.•All the 47 Project Management processes are tabulated with important outputs for your easy understanding.•All the Formulae for the PMP® exam is tabulated and available in a single place.•The Guide's chapters are arranged in the PMI® domain practice for the PMP® exam such as Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing which is also closer to the exam blueprint.•Every project management processes are explained in a simpler manner such as what is the purpose of the process, why you need to use the process and how to perform the process itself etc.•Throughout the guide you can find sample calculations to enhance your chances of passing your exam.•Illustrative pictures are added at the appropriate places for your clear understanding the project management concepts, tools and techniques.•Sample project document templates are also included such as project charter, Stakeholder register, Project scope statement etc., to use it in your real world.All the above features will help you prepare the PMP EXAM and pass in your first try.
Data de publicação: 02/08/2016
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A Key to Project Management: A key to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PM Key™) – 2016 Ver. 2.0 (Aligned with PMBoK-06) (English Edition)

A source of learning Project management for newbies as well as seasoned Professionals. Designed in a way to provide the enough depth of knowledge to learn the firsthand knowledge of field as well as use the book for learning/revision for the PMP exam.
Publicado por: Muhammad Asim Rashid | Data de publicação: 16/07/2016
Detalhes sobre o livro digital: eBook Kindle, 99 páginas
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