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Prominent Brazil Investment Region (Portuguese Original)

Due to being the location of the headquarters of the Brazil Real Estate & Land Investment Guide as well as our associated projects via the Fez Tá Pronto Construction System©, we have translated an article which recently appeared in the Brazilian Exame magazine using research by consultancy Deloitte, indicating the North Fluminense and South Capixaba of Rio de Janeiro state as the most dynamic and important growth regions of the country.
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Expatriates 2012 26 - 27 June, 2012, Hotel Blue Tree Faria Lima, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Expatriates 2012 26 - 27 June, 2012, Hotel Blue Tree Faria Lima, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Minha casa, Minha Vida ('My House, My Life") - Brazil Affordable Housing Limits

Minha casa, Minha Vida ('My House, My Life") - Brazil Affordable Housing - Residential Housing Fund (Fundo de Arrendamento Residencial) Maximum Limits (in Portuguese)
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Brazil - Travel Trade Magazine

Travel Trade Magazine's November issue condensed and focused on Brazil as a feature destination.
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Attractiveness of Brazil as an international investment and business hub

In this report BRAiN identifies seven pillars that characterize the attractiveness of an international investments and business hub and compares Brazil with other 13 countries in 57 dimensions.
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Brazil Design Week | abcDesign

Inovação, negócio, estratégia e design | Encarte Especial da revista abcDesign / Dez 2009
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Brazil Usa Magazine

Brazil Usa Magazine, qualidade e seriedade em primeiro lugar. Maior time de colunista comprometido em informar a comunidade brasileira nos Estados Unidos. Brazil Usa é atual , chic, bonita e irresistivel ate a ultima pagina. Os eventos da comunidade eternizados nas paginas.
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Brazil Usa Magazine, mostrando o que a comunidade brasileira tem de melhor . Dicas de Moda, Imigracao, saude,beleza, Turismo, Miss Brazil Florida Cristinao Piquet ,Rotary Clube,Wagner Nolasco ,Disney ,Miami e muito mais . 04 anos fazendo o Maior Sucesso.Qualidade e seriedade em primeiro lugar. Original a primeira na Central Florida, amor e paixão pelo jornalismo sério e competente
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Brazil Sempre

Revista Brazil Sempre (Forever)
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Brazil as one of the hubs of Latin America's new business network

This report sets out, concisely, the importance of integrating the continent and of projecting Brazil as a regional leader in the task of coordinating efforts to increasingly involve the region in the global scenario.
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