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How To Create A Website Using Wordpress: The Beginner's Blueprint for Building a Professional Website in 3 Easy Steps (Plus 40+ Premium Wordpress Video Tutorials) (English Edition)

How To Create A Website - Easy Instructions for Building A Website With WordpressATTENTION BEGINNERS! Learn how to set up a website that meets your exact needs in 3 EASY STEPS...one that the “professionals” would have charged you thousands of dollars for. Become the owner of a website that looks, functions, and works better than 80% of the websites currently on the web. Just a few years ago, I could barely update my Facebook page; today I can build anything from an e-commerce website that sells products across the globe to a membership website for gardening enthusiasts. You name it, I can build it. And guess what? You can too. You will be able to build any type of website imaginable, and this will require ZERO programming skills.Don't Let Another Excuse Get In The Way Of You Building That Website You've Always WantedThis book was written to bridge the gap that most people still think exist – the gap that use to isolate computer programmers from your average Joe. The one tool that has made this all possible is Wordpress, an open-source content management system that can be operated by any computer literate person. In this book, you will be shown exactly:
  • How to choose the best domain for your website
  • How to easily install Wordpress in one-click to your domain
  • How to master and leverage the FIVE essential fundamentals of Wordpress to build the website you envision
  • How to optimize the settings of your website to ensure your website is secure, ready to handle tons of traffic, and is beautifully designed
...and BONUS ACCESS to 40+ Easy To Follow Wordpress Video TutorialsJust by taking initiative and purchasing this book, you will be given access to 40+ professionally curated instructional videos for enhancing your Wordpress Skills. To ensure readers of this book end up with the website they always envisioned, these videos were created to supplement the instruction in this book and provide visual guidance for those whom prefer learning via video.You Will Be Able To Create Any & All Of The Following Website TypesPortfolio Sites - This type of website is great for showcasing a company or one's work. Perfect for artists, musicians, creative agencies, and anybody looking to showcase art, music, client work, and more. E-Commerce Sites - Looking to sell a product online? This type of website is great for selling any physical or digital product. Blogs - Wordpress is the best platform for anybody looking to build a thriving, blog community.Business / Service Sites- Does your business need a website? Are customers searching for you on the Internet and you aren't there? Wordpress is perfect for building a great business website.
Autoria: Brian Patrick
Publicado por: Grassroot Books | Data de publicação: 18/11/2013
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The History of Ireland in 50 Events: (Irish History - St Patrick - Brian Boru - Bloody Sunday - Potato Famine - Irish Rebellion - Irish Independence) (Timeline ... in 50 Events Book 2) (English Edition)

The Burren, the Ring of Kerry, the Giant’s Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher—green Ireland is indeed a tower of intrigue. The nation is home to most of the world’s enchanting sites and behind the generous bounties of nature lies a history that is all the more enchanting.Inside you will learn about...✓ The Black Death✓ Viking Ireland✓ St Patrick✓ The Irish Rebellion✓ The Nine Years War✓ Bloody SundayAnd much more!Prehistoric to modern, this eBook chronicles every prominent event that led to the sculpting of today’s Ireland. The Viking invasion, the arrival of the Black Death, the Irish confederate wars, the Irish civil war, Bloody Sunday and many more are discussed.Giving a crisp yet adequate account of 50 historic events of Ireland, the eBook provides you a lofty insight into the making of this rich nation.
Data de publicação: 20/07/2015
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Patrick O’Brian’s Bodies at Sea: Sex, Drugs and the Physical Form in the Aubrey-Maturin Novels

An exploration of the complex roles that bodies—both literally and figuratively—play in the 21 volume Aubrey-Maturin series reveals much about the novels’ many meditations on mind and body. Beginning with a consideration of genre norms and the bodies of the novels’ main characters, the book’s focus shifts to the ways the series offers interconnections between the human body and history. More literal considerations of the body examine O’Brian’s depictions of drug use, particularly the opium addiction that afflicts Stephen Maturin, and human sexuality in its many guises. The work then focuses on Desolation Island, the fifth novel in the series, in light of the discussions above but also in terms of political and psychological tropes that draw upon the relationship of mind and body. Questions are examined about the relationship of reader to author, and what sustains such a long narrative and what continues to bring a reader back again and again.
Publicado por: McFarland | Data de publicação: 15/07/2014
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The Patrick O’Brian Muster Book: Persons, Animals, Ships and Cannon in the Aubrey-Maturin Sea Novels

Now in its second edition, this expanded work catalogs every person, animal, ship and cannon mentioned by name in the 21 books of Patrick O’Brian’s series on the maritime adventures of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin. The novels, renowned for their “far-ranging web of wit and allusion,” teem with thousands of characters and ships, both imaginary and historical. From Master and Commander to 21: The Unfinished Voyage, this book distinguishes the fictional from the factual, making a useful series companion for the casual reader and the most ardent fans. Each of the more than 5,000 alphabetized entries provides a reference to the novels and chapters in which the topic appears. Additionally, biographical notes on the historical figures are included, with sources provided in an annotated bibliography.
Publicado por: McFarland | Data de publicação: 30/04/2014
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The National Rifle Association and the Media: The Motivating Force of Negative Coverage (2012 eEdition) (English Edition)

Were it not for negative media coverage from elite American news organizations, the National Rifle Association and American gun culture would not be in the position of strength they enjoy today. The more negative coverage the elite press have dished out, the more people have been attracted to NRA and gun culture. Brian Anse Patrick, Professor of Communication at University of Toledo, presents the evidence for this startling case. Not only are the elite media biased towards NRA, they have helped mobilize American gun culture, making it one of the most successful social movements of modern times. In this e-edition, with a new foreword from the author, Dr. Patrick makes his case. The evidence is incontrovertible and based on scientific content analysis of ten years of actual coverage.
Publicado por: Goatpower Publishing, Palmyra, MI | Data de publicação: 16/09/2012
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The Ten Commandments of Propaganda (English Edition)

There is no escape from propaganda. Propagandists shape the informational sociology of our time. The Ten Commandments of Propaganda serves two purposes: offense and defense. It dispels mistaken, trivializing ideas about what propaganda is, and it is also a comprehensive guide to using and understanding propaganda successfully. Brian Anse Patrick explains that the popular conception of propaganda is negative due to its historical associations with totalitarianism and ideological crusades, but, in fact, the methods and techniques of propaganda are intrinsic to modern administrative science, which includes all types of political systems, social movements and commercial/non-profit enterprises. In essence, propaganda is the scientific art of interpreting your reality in order to benefit the propagandist. Propaganda is junk food for the mind. Like purveyors of junk food, propagandists thrive upon your lack of time and energy, and your need for instant gratification. They are more than willing to do your thinking for you. In equal parts theoretical discourse and practical guidebook, whether the reader desires to be an informed user, consumer or critic of propaganda, Professor Patrick provides many much-needed lessons in one of the most subtle, but vital, forces of our information-saturated age. The Ten Commandments, although easy to understand, have profound ramifications.“Propaganda is the universal social lubricant, being sustainable, recyclable and cheap to manufacture.”-from the authorBrian Anse Patrick is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Toledo, Ohio. In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Communication Research from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, he is author of "Rise of the Anti-Media: In-Forming America's Concealed Weapon Carry Movement" and "The National Rifle Association and the Media: The Motivating Force of Negative Coverage" Dr. Patrick is nationally recognized as an expert on American gun culture mobilization and on the history and technique of propaganda.
Publicado por: Goatpower Publishing | Data de publicação: 07/10/2011
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Inside and outside the White Cube. Between Categories – Brian O´Doherty / Patrick Ireland und sein Werk

Ingmar Lähnemann behandelt in seiner Studie das Werk des Künstlers Brian O’Doherty, der von 1972 bis 2008 als politische Aktion unter dem Namen Patrick Ireland künstlerisch tätig war. Ausgehend von O’Dohertys/Irelands „insider/outsider“-Position zwischen hoher fachlicher Anerkennung und geringer Bekanntheit in den Institutionen des Kunstsystems und beim Publikum, stellt Lähnemann im ersten Teil der Dissertation erstmals im deutschsprachigen Raum in einer monografischen Annäherung die Hauptlinien des Gesamtwerks, seine inhaltlichen Schwerpunkte und formalen Konstanten dar. Neben der inhaltlich wichtigen Beschäftigung mit den fünf menschlichen Sinnen, die sich durch zahlreiche Werke des Künstlers zieht, sind es vor allem die Arbeiten mit Sprachbezug, die als Kern von O’Dohertys Gesamtwerk angesehen werden müssen. In zahllosen Schriftarbeiten – Zeichnungen, Wandgemälden, Performances, Gemälden – greift O’Doherty bis heute auf das altirische Oghamalphabet zurück. Ab 1973 entstehen aus den Linien seiner Oghamwerke raumgreifende Installationen, in denen der Künstler mittels Fäden im Raum zeichnet, die so genannten „Rope Drawings“, die bis in die Gegenwart den Hauptteil seines Werkes ausmachen. Seit den späten 1970er Jahren werden die Räume durch Wandfarben als komplexe und dennoch durchschaubare Wahrnehmungsversuche gestaltet. Seine theoretische Auseinandersetzung mit dem typischen modernen Ausstellungsraum, für den O’Doherty 1976 in drei berühmten Essays den Begriff des White Cube prägt, führt den Künstler zu einem sehr spezifischen, rezipientenorientierten Umgang mit den Räumen, in die er seine Arbeiten einschreibt. Nach einer dezidierten Zwischenuntersuchung der Rolle und Bedeutung der Zeichnung im Werk O’Dohertys/Irelands nimmt Lähnemann im zweiten Teil seine Darstellung aus dem ersten Teil der Arbeit als Grundlage, um O’Dohertys „insider/outsider“-Position als überzeugendes Beispiel einer frühen Institutionskritik des Kunstsystems zu analysieren. In einer Zeit, in der Künstler, die wie O’Doherty zur Gründergeneration der Conceptual Art und der Installationskunst gehören, sich erstmals theoretisch und im formalen Aufbau der künstlerischen Arbeiten dezidiert mit den Institutionen des Kunstsystems auseinandersetzen, stellt O’Doherty/Ireland eine der reflektiertesten Positionen dar. In seiner Arbeit als Künstler, Theoretiker, Herausgeber, Kritiker, Kurator, Dozent, Filmemacher und Schriftsteller hat er die kritisierten Institutionen auf vielen Ebenen durchdrungen und geht mit ihnen um, ohne eine fundamentale Verweigerungshaltung einzunehmen, mit der viele andere Künstler in die Diskrepanz zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit ihrer künstlerischen Tätigkeit geraten. Im Fazit der Arbeit verortet Lähnemann die spezifische Position O’Dohertys/Irelands zudem im besonderen New Yorker Kontext seiner Zeit, der selbst durch ein „insider/outsider“-Wesen zwischen lokalem Hintergrund und Austausch und internationaler Relevanz und Anspruch geprägt war.
Publicado por: disserta Verlag | Data de publicação: 01/10/2011
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St Patrick to Grattan: Selected Irish Lives (English Edition)

A short glimpse into some selected Irish Lives, from St Patrick to Grattan, to celebrate St Patrick's Day.
Autoria: Brian Igoe
Publicado por: Brian Igoe | Data de publicação: 09/03/2014
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Patrick Robertson: A Tale Of Adventure (English Edition)

British novelist Brian Hennigan's drily hilarious antihero Patrick Robertson is a cynical, perpetually sauced master salesman, devoted drinker, and connoisseur of Asia's finest hotels. In Patrick's world, meeting a beautiful stranger for drinks in Bangkok is par for the course. Being kidnapped afterwards by the People's Earth Friendly Liberation Group, mistaken for the Patrick Robertson from the International Monetary Fund, and transported to the jungle (along with several other erroneously-abducted Patrick Robertsons) to meet certain death is decidedly gauche. Patrick must escape his captors, brave the perils of the deadly, Chardonnay-less rainforest and find his way back to civilization. To survive, he must use all his sales training and lust for the good life -- plus a hefty dose of betrayal, murder, theft and identity theft.
Data de publicação: 05/01/2016
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The Everything Irish History & Heritage Book: From Brian Boru and St. Patrick to Sinn Fein and the Troubles, All You Need to Know About the Emerald Isle (Everything®) (English Edition)

There's more to being Irish than kissing a Blarney Stone!Few places on earth match Ireland's romantic attraction and historical legacy. Every year, millions of visitors flock to the ancient sites and burgeoning cities of this enchanted island to immerse themselves in its rich literary, musical, and political heritage.The Everything Irish History & Heritage Book introduces readers to the people, places, and events that have shaped the past and given rise to the unique culture of the Irish people. From the Iron Age to the economic renaissance, this comprehensive account familiarizes readers with Ireland's history and acquaints them with the climate, food, language, and sports that make it truly unique.Features exhaustive coverage of:
  • Celtic mythology and ancient folklore
  • The Irish literary tradition--from The Book of Kells to Ulysses
  • The potato famine and the Great Hunger
  • The Irish in America and the immigration experience
  • The Troubles and the road to peace
  • Religion and family life
Packed with historical information and cultural insights, The Everything Irish History & Heritage Book is a must-read for anyone interested in the magic and mystery of the Emerald Isle.
Publicado por: Everything | Data de publicação: 01/01/2004
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