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SEO Step-by-Step - The Complete Beginner's Guide to Getting Traffic from Google (English Edition)

SEO Made Easy, Even for a BeginnerEXPANDED & UPDATED - May 2017 | Free Kindle updates foreverIt's never been more important to get your blog, website or online business to the top of Google. Trouble is, with more competition every day, it's never been more difficult.SEO Step-by-Step is a true beginner's guide based on years of experience but bang up to date for 2017. The online marketing blueprint you'll discover in SEO Step-by-Step is a crucial part of how I've been making money online, full-time, for over 16 years. This is one fantastic book... worth every penny! - Amazon Reviewer Jargon-free!In easy-to-follow, plain English you'll learn:
  • Every key SEO concept you need to be successful
  • How to find the real money-making keywords for your niche
  • How to create content that search engines will love
  • How to use social networks to boost your search engine rankings (without spending all day on Twitter or Facebook)
  • Simple, yet proven tactics that will send your site to the top of Google
Clear explanations on every important aspect of SEO mean you can get page one Google rankings without any more head-scratching or frustration! Bonus SEO ToolsIn the free bonus chapters you'll also find out:
  • Which secret tool pro SEO experts use to see exactly how Google ranks their site
  • How to quickly recover from a Google penalty
  • Time and money saving SEO Tools, Links, and Plugins
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Autoria: Caimin Jones
Data de publicação: 18/01/2014
Detalhes sobre o livro digital: eBook Kindle, 156 páginas

WordPress Websites Step-by-Step - The Complete Beginner's Guide to Creating a Website or Blog With WordPress (English Edition)

Have you ever wanted to create a website but found it too complicated or confusing? You're not alone. Although WordPress is the easiest way to make a website or blog... but there's a catch. There are so many options and settings it's hard to know where to start, especially if you've never done anything like this before. WordPress Websites Step-by-Step is a true beginner's guide to WordPress. Read it to discover every secret you need to take you from scratching your head to a making a professional website quickly and simply."Absolutely excellent... Learned more in 30 minutes with this book than from reading ALL of another WordPress guide." Mark Thompson, Verified Amazon reviewerGet WordPress Websites Step-by-Step and you'll learn:
  • How to choose a great domain name and get cheap, reliable web hosting
  • How to install WordPress in a few mouse clicks
  • How to create great looking pages with quickly
  • How to add graphics, images, videos and audio
  • How to personalize your web design with themes, plugins, widgets and other WordPress tools (no technical knowledge required!)
...and lots more.The best part?Clear explanations and over 50 screenshots and images mean you can see exactly how to do everything with WordPress. No more head-scratching, frustration or time-wasting.Click the Buy button now and let's get started!
Autoria: Caimin Jones
Data de publicação: 05/04/2014
Detalhes sobre o livro digital: eBook Kindle, 102 páginas

282 Self-Publishing Author Resources - Time-saving Tools for Writing, Formatting and Selling Books (English Edition)

The Self-Publishing Author's Time-Saving Cheat SheetIf you're a self-published author you know how valuable your time is; the less time you can spend on book formatting, promoting and getting reviews, the more time you can spend actually writing books.Hand-curated by a best-selling non-fiction author, 282 Self-Publishing Author Resources is a no-fluff, time-saving resource list covering:
  • Cover Design (Print & Digital)
  • Book Formatting & Conversion
  • Editors & Editing Services
  • Foreign Rights & Translations
  • Writing & Publishing Software
  • Platforms & Distribution
  • Writing & Publishing Podcasts
  • Creating Audiobooks
  • Forums & Communities
  • Author Interview / Press Sites
  • Places to list free / 99c books for free
  • Free book directories
  • Getting Editorial Reviews
  • Websites & Online
  • Marketing
It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of products and services aimed at self-published authors. With 282 Self-Publishing Author Resources you get hundreds of hand-picked, recommended resources that will save you time and boost your productivity.Scroll up and click the cover to take a Look Inside.
Autoria: Caimin Jones
Publicado por: Publishing Spark | Data de publicação: 19/05/2015
Detalhes sobre o livro digital: eBook Kindle, 78 páginas

Create an Author Website - A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Busy Authors and Writers (English Edition)

"Your website is an essential part of a strong author platform"- Jane Friedman, Publisher & EditorAn author website is the quickest, most effective way to build your author platform. It's no coincidence that best-selling authors always have their own websites; they don't just rely on Facebook or Twitter to reach new readers. Without your own website, you're losing out on new readers and book sales.Imagine being able to:
  • Quickly build a mailing list of loyal fans (making your next book launch a breeze)
  • Sell books directly (letting you keep all the profits)
  • Offer a media kit (the key step to getting featured in press, radio and TV)
A professional website also means you get taken seriously. Not just by readers, but by literary agents and other publishing professionals.Creating an author website is easier than you think Written for both self-published and traditionally published authors, Create an Author Website is a complete step-by-step walk-through for beginners. You don't need to be a computer expert or a web geek. Whether you're setting up a site for the first time or revamping an existing one, this book will guide you through the exact process of getting everything right, first time. Clear explanations and over 50 images of admin screens and tools mean you can see exactly how to do everything. No more head-scratching or frustration! It'll also make sure you avoid the mistakes many authors make with their websites (do you know what they are?)Scroll up and Look Inside!
Autoria: Caimin Jones
Data de publicação: 12/01/2015
Detalhes sobre o livro digital: eBook Kindle, 134 páginas
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