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Conhecimentos Bancários

Este livro traz os diversos temas abordados pelo sistema bancário em linguagem clara e objetiva. Favorece aqueles que se preparam para concursos, profissionais do mercado e também serve como excelente guia de orientação no cotidiano das pessoas para o uso adequado dos serviços e produtos dos bancos.O conteúdo é abrangente e atualizado, tornando conhecidos os principais produtos e serviços oferecidos pelos bancos, esclarecendo dúvidas e conscientizando o consumidor bancário de seus direitos e deveres.
Autoria: Rubens Souza
Publicado por: Editora Áudio Ltda. | Data de publicação: 02/04/2013
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Conhecimentos bancários em tópicos

Esta obra destina-se, especialmente, aos concursosbancários (Banco do Brasil, Caixa EconômicaFederal, Banco de Brasília, Banco Central do Brasil,Banese, BNB, BASA etc.), bem como poderá ser utilizadapara consulta dos profissionais que já trabalhamna área bancária.O autor varre todos os assuntos e tópicos jurídicoscontidos nos editais, na parte de ConhecimentosBancários. O livro foi estruturado em centenas detópicos, divididos em assuntos titulados, seguidospor questões com respostas comentadas e fundamentadas.Além disso, traz diversos mapas mentaisque facilitarão o entendimento e o aprendizadodo leitor.
Publicado por: Alumnus | Data de publicação: 06/02/2014
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Concurso Público Caixa Econômica Federal 2014 & Conhecimentos Bancários

Esta obra foi elaborada especialmente para o Concurso Público da Caixa Econômica Federal do ano de 2014. O conteúdo desta obra é específico de conhecimentos bancários, demais obras devem ser pesquisadas no kindle pelo nome pessoal da marca "Editora Tradição".
Publicado por: Editora Tradição | Data de publicação: 16/11/2013
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Quantitative Trading with R: Understanding Mathematical and Computational Tools from a Quant’s Perspective

Quantitative Finance with R offers a winning strategy for devising expertly-crafted and workable trading models using the R open source programming language, providing readers with a step-by-step approach to understanding complex quantitative finance problems and building functional computer code.
Publicado por: Palgrave Macmillan | Data de publicação: 02/02/2015
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Negotiating in the Leadership Zone

Negotiating in the Leadership Zone expertly addresses the question: How do leaders become better negotiators? Much has been written about leadership, and negotiating skills have long been the subject of academics and business consultants. This book successfully brings negotiation and leadership together for the first time, building separate insights about them into practical, applied lessons and tools that can be used immediately. Leaders will find unique cases, examples, and insights for high-stakes and routine negotiations alike. Mixng a readable, non-jargon approach with real-world stories and wide applicability, the author's use of 50+ years of experience as a business owner, negotiation consultant, and teacher to convey the fundamental logic and strategies underlying negotiations. The results are more than convincing.
  • Draws upon 50+ years of the authors' relevant experience to teach leaders the logic and strategy behind successful negotiations
  • Connects research and principles to actual events via short vignettes and extended case studies
  • Features website tools, tips, stories, and video lessons on effective negotiating
  • Encourages the leader in every reader
Autoria: Ken Sylvester
Publicado por: Academic Press | Data de publicação: 22/08/2015
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Money, Banking, and the Business Cycle: Volume I: Integrating Theory and Practice: 1

Money, Banking, and the Business Cycle provides a comprehensive framework for analyzing these mechanisms, and offers a robust prescription for reducing financial instability over the long-term. Volume I bridges tough economic theory with empirical evidence.
Publicado por: Palgrave Macmillan | Data de publicação: 16/04/2014
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Financial Communications: Information Processing, Media Integration, and Ethical Considerations

Financial Communications showcases why it is crucial for financial institutions to enhance key communication processes, rebuild trust with its customer base, improve relationships, and derive better brand awareness amongst key stakeholders within the industry.
Autoria: S. Wang
Publicado por: Palgrave Macmillan | Data de publicação: 18/12/2013
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The Lessons Learned Handbook: Practical Approaches to Learning from Experience

The phrase “lessons learned” is such a common one, yet people struggle with developing effective lessons learned approaches. The Lessons Learned Handbook is written for the project manager, quality manager or senior manager trying to put in place a system for learning from experience, or looking to improve the system they have. Based on experience of successful and unsuccessful systems, the author recognises the need to convert learning into action. For this to happen, there needs to be a series of key steps, which the book guides the reader through. The book provides practical guidance to learning from experience, illustrated with case histories from the author, and from contributors from industry and the public sector.
  • The book is a practitioner-level guide to the design and the mechanics of lessons learned processes
  • Takes a holistic approach, tracking lessons from identification to reapplication
  • Makes the case for the assignment of actions for learning
Autoria: Nick Milton
Publicado por: Chandos Publishing | Data de publicação: 30/06/2010
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Crac!: Il tracollo economico dell’Italia (Contro Economia)

Grecia, Irlanda, Spagna. Gli Stati europei cadono come mosche di fronte alla crisi economica mondiale a alla conseguente recessione. E l’Italia? Quanto rischiamo di rimanere in mutande? Crac! È l’analisi dell’economia del Bel Paese. Un’indagine puntuale di Domenico De Simone, già autore di moltissimi saggi sull’argomento, che risponde alle domande più importanti, individuando i rischi e le vie di uscita, i colpevoli e i veri salvatori della nostra economia.
Publicado por: Golena Edizioni | Data de publicação: 05/04/2013
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Intelligent IT Outsourcing: 8 Building Blocks to Success (Computer Weekly Professional)

Intelligent IT Outsourcing enables practitioners to focus in on the essential issues that need to be addressed so that the fundamental structure of their sourcing strategy and its implementation is sound. The authors provide insight into the challenges likely to be faced and give detailed advice on how to pre-empt and manage these.IT and outsourcing continue to be problematic, not least because fundamental learning about this subject fails to be applied systematically, and because IT is inherently difficult to manage. The economics are not obvious and emerging technologies have to be addressed, therefore IT goes to the heart of many enterprises and interfaces with multiple business units and processes, and there are continuous skills shortages.Unfortunately complexities are not removed in outsourced situations where additional problems come into play, for example the supplier's capabilities, whether the IT is right for an outsourcing solution, and whether the contract is robust but flexible enough to allow for outsourcing to take place. Objectives need to be realistic, and factors such as whether the internal management is mature and capable enough in this field, and the impact of prohibitive switching costs on behaviour once an outsourcing deal has been signed all have to be taken into account.The authors have built up over two decades of research, advisory and practitioner experience that enables them to distil the fundamental challenges in IT and outsourcing and demonstrate how these can be addressed.
Publicado por: Routledge | Data de publicação: 13/05/2013
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