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Python: A Beginners’ Guide to Python Programming to automate the boring tasks and learn coding fast today. Hands on Challenges included (Machine Learning ... computer languages Book 1) (English Edition)

Do you want to learn programming but too intimidated by the complexity?At some point of the time or the other, every computer guy starts to have a feeling of making a computer program. However, most of them never make a move towards this feel because computer programming sounds scary. In fact, computer programming isn’t scary at all. All it takes is a correct selection of programming language to begin your journey as a computer programmer. Programming languages are made to make the human life better than before. These languages help in making programs which increase the overall productivity, communication, and efficiency of the work. Out of so many programming languages to choose from, python is one of the most loved programming languages among computer geeks. This is because python is one of those rare languages which is both simple, and powerful. Python has indeed, everything that you may require to make a new program. If you will see someone writing a program in python, you will be really surprised to see how easy it is in python to find the solution for a problem. In simple words, python is an open source, a high-level programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in 1980s. This language is presently administered by Python Software Foundation. Python has proven its worth in all these years for both business and industrial use. Unlike other languages, it didn’t go obsolete and in fact, with time, the use of Python has increased. Python is broadly used in making web applications, GUIs (Graphic user interface), games, etc. and writing and reading the codes in python is as simple as reading regular English sentences. The program written in python is required to be processed before running as they are not written in machine readable language. Once you will learn the basics of python (as you are a beginner), you will find it really easy to move on towards the advanced features that python offers to programmers. Below are some salient features of Python which make it one of the most lovable languages among the computer programmers.This crash course includes:
  • Installing Python on various platforms
  • First Steps - Using Interpretors, Editors and Source Files
  • Python Basic Commands
  • Operations in Python
  • Control Flow Statements - IF THEN Statement
  • File Storage in Python
  • 3 Sample Programs to Practise
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 27/10/2016
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Wordpress for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Beginners’ Guide to build your own Professional WordPress Website from Scratch (Web Design Guide using Wordpress ... Techniques Book 1) (English Edition)

Do you want to learn how to build a Wordpress Blog on your own?Then read below.Setting up your own blog was a geek’s job a few years back, you needed to code your whole blog and then upload it online to your hosting. In a nutshell, it was really a pain to set up your blog back then. But, today it is as easy as blinking your eye. All you have to do is install a blogging platform on your hosting. Today, you have several choices to build up your blog like Drupal, Blogger, WordPress, and many others, with which you can go online and share your experiences and knowledge with the world. While building a blog, you need to give your blog a look that goes with your blog’s topic, later, you need to add different pages to your blog to make it complete. Thanks to several blogging platforms which makes it really easy to do so, however, setting up a blog is still a big task, as you have to select from several blogging platforms.Out of all the blogging platforms, the best and most famous blogging platform is WordPress. This is because it makes setting up your blog really easy along with providing you a flexibility to make any kind of changes in your blog anytime you want. Moreover, with its plugins feature, you can add any kind of functionality to your blog. Do you want to set up your online store? Install ‘Woocommerce’ plugin. Do you want to make your blog SEO optimized? Install ‘SEO by Yoast’ plugin. And all it takes is few mouse clicks here and there to add such great features to your blog.What's included in this book:
  • Why should you select Wordpress
  • What you need to create a Wordpress blog
  • Wordpress Settings
  • Choosing a Wordpress Theme
  • Different Wordpress Plugins
  • Wordpress Widgets and Menus
  • Creating Content
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 12/09/2016
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Hacking for Beginners: How to Hack: A Beginners’ Guide to Computer Hacking, Basic Security, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing (How to hack and secure ... viruses, python Book 1) (English Edition)

All you wanted to know about Hacking and Computer Security50% off for a limited time...This book will teach you everything you need to know about hacking, the history of hacking, the types of hacking and security measures that you should undertake. This book will teach you about the techniques you can use to prank your friends or spy on your significant other (maybe). It can also get you started on your journey towards being an ethical hacker, which is a fast-growing, in-demand field.What's Included in This Book
  • History of Hacking
  • Various Types of Hackers
  • Types of Hacking Attacks
  • Basic Hacking Tools and Softwares
  • Common Attacks and Threats
  • Hiding IP Address
  • Mobile Hacking
  • Hacking an Email Address
  • Penetration Testing
  • Spoofing Attacks
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 25/01/2017
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Hacking: A Beginners' Guide to Computer Hacking, Basic Security and Penetration Testing (A Guide to hacking wireless networks, python programming, engineering ... Arduino testing Book 1) (English Edition)

Have you wondered what hacking is all about? How do people hack and what are some basic precautions you can take to prevent being hacked?Then read below:It seems like everyone is being hacked. Celebrities, politicians, large organizations, banks, schools, universities etc. Well, how does this happen? What are the different kinds of attacks? Is there any way you can improve your safety? This book answers all.Do you have a desktop computer, a laptop or even a smartphone? Then you probably have heard the term computer security. In its simplest form computer security refers to protecting computer systems from damage to their software, hardware and the information stored on them, as well as preventing disruption or malicious misdirection of the services they offer.Computer security involves protecting your computing device from physical damage as well as damage that may come through code injection, network access and data transfer and manipulation whether accidental or intentional. Today everyone owns either a smartphone or a personal computer; this makes learning about computer security an important endeavor. This is particularly important because as the world becomes computerized internet systems and wireless networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which most people rely on to communicating using their computing devices, are increasingly becoming a source of threat to the computing devices involved.Below is a list of topics in this book:
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 22/09/2016
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SEO: Step-by-step beginners’ guide to dominate the first page using Google Analytics, Adwords etc. (Search Engine Optimization techniques for beginners ... from Google Book 1) (English Edition)

50% off for a limited time.Do you own a blog or a website that can't get any traffic? Are you selling an online product which doesn't get any customers?You're not alone. Read below.Most people today give up on their online journey after some time because they do not see any results. No one visits their website and no conversation occurs on their written articles. This, in turn, demotivates them. Well, we all have been through that stage, I have been through that stage. But, instead of giving up, I looked for a solution. The solution for this problem is to start doing SEO on your website.Now, you can either wait for nights and days for the angel to come and tell Google and other search engines about your website. Or, you can take responsibility and understand that no angel or tooth fairy will come to help you and eventually you need to start working for yourself.If you've used SEO before without any results, you may realize that it's really confusing and expensive. The problem is that most of the information out there is overly complicated and out-of-date. This is the reason why most blogs get very little traffic.Our book is simplified down to the basic level for every single person to understandThis book is an online blueprint to how I've been making money from my blogs for years.What's Included in Our Book:
  • What is SEO?
  • On-Page SEO Techniques
  • Off-Page SEO Techniques
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • 4 Different Keyword Research Tools with Our Personal Recommendations
  • How to set up your First Ad on Google Adwords
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 07/12/2016
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How to Install Kodi on Firestick: 2017 Step-by-Step Simplified Guide to Install Kodi on Your Amazon Fire Stick (A User Guide of Tips and Tricks to install ... 2017 Amazon Fire Stick) (English Edition)

Are you looking to learn about more options on how to use your Fire Stick?Learn How to Install Kodi on Your Fire Stick.Read Below.Kodi is a multimedia platform much like the Amazon Fire stick is but the Amazon Fire stick limits you in what you can actually play because Amazon is really only interested in playing its own material rather than anyone else's. Additionally, Amazon doesn't exactly like the fact that you can find movies and TV shows online without needing to pay for them so it, obviously, doesn't really want to provide you with that access on their machine because then they could be Siri. Kodi gets away with this because it is just a software application that allows you to install 3rd party plugins to handle things.There's one more thing that makes Kodi very popular and that is because it is GitHub Supported, which means that the community builder and the software is 100% free. The importance of this is that most of the bugs will be fixed relatively quickly because someone will find a bug and then submit it to the form, which will then usually take a few days until it's been fixed by someone else who wants to fix it. There are thousands of developers across the world compared to the 100 you might find inside of the largest corporation in the world, which is why it is so important that this application is developed by a community of Developers rather than a business of Developers. The best part about this is that the features added to Kodi are often the features that you want in the application versus what the company can add to a device or application because the cost of making that feature is less than the profit that they would get from that feature. Here's What You'll Learn From This Book:
  • What is Kodi?
  • Features of Kodi
  • Overview of Chorus 2
  • Kodi Website
  • Getting Kodi on Your Fire Stick
  • Common Troubleshooting Problems
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 13/05/2017
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Amazon Dash Buttons: Reorder your favorite Amazon items with Amazon Dash Buttons (English Edition)

Do you spend a lot of time and energy shopping for your daily needs at Walmart etc.? Or you use a lot of online shopping?Then you are the perfect customer for Amazon's new revolution in online shopping: Amazon Dash ButtonsRead below to learn more.Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping store. Amazon has always endeavored to improve the shopping experience on its online platform. In this great endeavor, Amazon introduced the Amazon Dash gadgets. Amazon Dash gadgets comprise of a host of portable physical and virtual shopping gadgets available to the customer that are directly linked to the customer’s online Amazon account. These gadgets include Amazon Wand and Amazon Buttons. This book seeks to provide relevant information that can enable you to boost your shopping experience by utilizing Amazon Buttons. You may have heard about them or have some knowledge about them. This book has a beginner’s approach to introduce these great Amazon shopping gadgets in such a way that you can get maximum possible utility from their usage. Here's What's Included in this list:
  • Gettings Started with Amazon Dash
  • Difference between Physical and Virtual Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Pricing of Amazon Dash Buttons
  • How to Acquire, Set up and Use Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Household and Office Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Grocery and Beverage Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Health, Beauty and Apparel Buttons
  • Kids, Baby and Pets Buttons
  • Sports and Equipment Buttons
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 09/04/2017
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Fire Stick: A User Guide of Tips and Tricks to unearth the true potential of Your Fire Stick (A Book Series of Streaming Devices such as Fire Stick, Amazon ... Tap, Amazon Prime 1) (English Edition)

Do you want to buy the Amazon Fire Stick or have already purchased it? This book will make sure you make the maximum use of your Fire Stick and become an expert.Read Below.The Amazon Fire Stick, sometimes called the Amazon Fire TV Stick, is a small remote control-like device that provides streaming video and audio when hooked up to your HDTV. This guide will provide you with the ultimate user experience for the little device with big aspirations. Previous versions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick did not include the ability to sync with the Alexa voice remote, but now the compact, affordable device syncs with your other Amazon products and devices. In addition to syncing with the Alexa gadget, the Amazon Fire TV Stick has its own Alexa voice remote. You can press a button and guide the Amazon Fire TV Stick with your voice commands at any time. This new and improved feature of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is what makes the new models absolutely worth the upgrade.One of the greatest benefits to the Amazon Fire TV Stick is the imposition of “pick up where you left off” viewing and listening. Should you be watching a movie or show and abruptly have to pause it to take care of something in your real life (IRL), Amazon will pick up right where you left off. This is true hours, days, weeks, and months out. If you can’t return to your favorite shows in a timely manner, Amazon will pause them for you for when you’re ready to come back. It’s pressure-free leisure at its best, and – as we are learning – at its smartest and most automated.Now that you’ve learned about the fire stick and received an overview of its most universally applicable benefits, let’s do an even deeper dive into the specifics of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. We know you won’t be disappointed with what you learn. In fact, we would be willing to take a bet you will finish this guide with more knowledge than you began it with, as well as more convinced of the merits and superior usability of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.Here's what You'll Learn
  • What is the Amazon Fire Stick?
  • Comparison of Fire Stick with its Competitors
  • Setting up the Amazon Fire Stick
  • Streaming Music And Videos
  • Watching TV Shows
  • Syncing Fire Stick with Alexa and Other Devices
  • Common Troubleshooting Problems
  • Top 10 Apps used for the Amazon Fire Stick
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 03/04/2017
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Photoshop: Photo Manipulation Techniques to Improve Your Pictures to World Class Quality Using Photoshop (Graphic Design, Digital Photography and Photo ... Graphic Design Book 1) (English Edition)

Do you want to increase the quality of your pictures and make them world class? Are other photoshop tutorials too complicated?Then Read Below.Photoshop is of great importance to engineers, bloggers, designers, artists and promotors in the digital world. Every item of value needs a quality picture to go with it. Everyone needs a piece of Photoshop. However, most of the current manuals on Photoshop are either a 600 page encyclopedia or poorly written blog posts that are impossible to replicate.This book can be used for multiple Photoshop versions. The symbols that represent the tools in this book teaching you how to use rarely change between the different photoshop versions and their purpose rarely changes. In reality, the developers at Adobe cannot have their consumers constantly relearning software or other options like Gimp will be sought out as a much easier alternative. Each version has implemented changes but rarely is a tool taken out of the software in the same process and even rarer still is a basic tool removed, which will be the types of tools we review here. Therefore, the version doesn't really matter so long as the version is between CS5 and up as CS4 and below may be lacking some of the tools added into CS5.Additionally, even if you decide to use a free open source software like Gimp later on down the road you can bring what you learn from this software over to that software. The symbols used to represent the tools may change between software but you will find that many of the tools are the same. This is because the tools are based in art and art techniques, which rarely change over time but do occasionally improve. This allows many artists to pick up different software and become acquainted with that software rather quickly.Here is a preview of what you'll learn:
  • History of Photoshop
  • Basic Layout
  • Different File Formats
  • Initial Setup for Photoshop
  • Picture Licensing Rules
  • Best Picture File Formats to Use
  • Most Common Photo Manipulation Techniques
  • Complete Toolbar Description
  • Advanced Description of Picture Adjustments
  • Several Examples of Picture Adjustments and Photo Manipulation
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 02/04/2017
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Amazon Fire Tablet User Guide: A Complete User Instruction Guide to get you from Beginner to Expert in 2 Hours (Web Services such as Amazon Fire Tablet, ... Amazon Alexa Book 1) (English Edition)

A Guide to the Amazon Fire TabletGot an Amazon Fire Tablet? That's just the start of your journeyIf you have bought a Fire Tablet and want to learn how to set it up, want to learn tips that will help you get the best out of it, or even if you are thinking about buying a tablet and want to learn if the Amazon’s Fire would be a good match, then purchasing this book is your smartest move.This book is for everyone that possess, thinks about buying, or is simply curious about the way in which the Fire tablet performs. It is the ultimate step-by-step book that will guide you from the moment you unbox your tablet to the point when you will reach your full enjoyment. It contains tips, tricks and hacks that every Fire user should know. This book is written with the purpose of increasing the satisfaction of those who get their hands on the Fire tablet. Here's what you will learn
  • Introduction to Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Amazon Fire vs Other Tablets
  • Getting Started
  • Battery Storage Options
  • Customizing Setting
  • Using Kindle to Read Books
  • Watching Videos
  • Dealing with Photos and Documents
  • Amazon Fire Apps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Amazon Fire Tablet Accessories
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Autoria: John Slavio
Data de publicação: 17/02/2017
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