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The Lisbon MBA takes 80 young executives to china

As a part of the Part Time MBA program, The Lisbon MBA provides students with an international trip to emerging markets in order for them to learn how to do business in these countries. This year the study trip was to China and the students learned all the secrets to succeed in this market
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The Lisbon MBA Diário Económico

Feature about The Lisbon MBA for the MBA Guide in Diário Económico
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13 suplemento sobre International nursing conference lisbon 2013

Apresentaç\ao curricular dos palestrantes na International nursing conference Lisbon 2013, organizado pela AAGI-ID
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Votorantim recruits from The Lisbon MBA

The major Brazilian group Votorantim visited The Lisbon MBA to specifically interview its students and alumni for new projects and initiatives of the company
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The Lisbon MBA - o melhor de Portugal by Marketeer

A Marketeer faz uma cobertura sobre o ranking de MBAs “Rising Stars 2011", onde o The Lisbon MBA fica colocado em 14º lugar entre os 30 MBAs mais promissores do mundo
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Press Release - The Lisbon MBA and Novabase present solutions to ANA, SATA and TAP

Press Release about The Lisbon MBA International students presenting solutions together with Novabase for a business case competition involving ANA, SATA and TAP.
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Lisbon MBA vai a Xangai estudar mercado cervejeiro

Article from Diário Económico online about The Lisbon MBA International's Portugal-China Lab. This year's lab features a study on the Chinese beer market for beverage manufacturer and lab sponsor, Unicer.
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The Lisbon MBA is in Coimbra

The Lisbon MBA is going to Coimbra on the 20th of February to deliver a workshop on personal branding. This initiative is part of the program's roadshow through the main Portuguese cities
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Brasil recruits graduates from The Lisbon MBA

Article issued on the Brazilian Economist about the success of The Lisbon MBA students in Brazil and the success of the Brazilian students inside the program
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Votorantim Group recruits from The Lisbon MBA

The Brazilian group, Votorantim, comes to Portugal to recruit talent from The Lisbon MBA.
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