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Nesta nova edição, Empreendedorismo desvenda o processo de formular, planejar e implementar um novo negócio. Estudos de caso acompanham os conceitos apresentados em cada capítulo e fornecem exemplos aprofundados de muitos tipos de empresas empreendedoras.
Publicado por: AMGH | Data de publicação: 01/01/2014
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International Entrepreneurship: Starting, Developing, and Managing a Global Venture

Combining comprehensive coverage with a wide variety of real-life cases, International Entrepreneurship: Starting, Developing, and Managing a Global Venture gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to successfully launch international ventures in today’s hypercompetitive world. Bestselling author Dr. Robert D. Hisrich helps students and entrepreneurs develop global business plans, select international opportunities, and determine the best entry strategy. The text also covers practical considerations such as legal concerns, the global monetary systems, global marketing, and global human resource management for entrepreneurs. The fully updated Third Edition provides increased attention to culture and reflects recent changes in our increasingly globalized world. Readers will also be exposed to new cases featuring international activities of entrepreneurs and ventures throughout the world.   
Publicado por: SAGE Publications, Inc | Data de publicação: 14/07/2015
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Entrepreneurial Finance: A Global Perspective

A practical approach for entrepreneurs and investorsEntrepreneurial Finance provides readers with the fundamental knowledge to finance, start, grow, and value new ventures, without the complex finance terms and calculations. This comprehensive yet practical approach incorporates a global perspective that appeals to entrepreneurs, investors, and students with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and experience. From Facebook to Camera+, Gary Gibbons, Robert D. Hisrich, and Carlos M. DaSilva use real-world examples and their professional experiences to bring concepts to life. This text is one of the most readable books in the market without compromising high quality content and resources.
Publicado por: SAGE Publications, Inc | Data de publicação: 29/10/2014
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Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The first book to look at innovation/entrepreneurship from an international perspective, Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective provides a step-by-step process for managing innovation and entrepreneurship in an organization in both turbulent and stable economic times. Authors Robert D. Hisrich and Claudine Kearney demonstrate how to manage innovation on a day-to-day basis—using a wide range of real world scenarios, theories, principles, best practices, case studies, and modern examples. The book provides detailed coverage of each aspect of the process of innovation required to achieve success, including what it takes to build an innovative and entrepreneurial organization, how to develop innovation and entrepreneurship in both individuals and teams, how to manage and operationalize innovation and entrepreneurship, how to develop a global business plan, and more.
Publicado por: SAGE Publications, Inc | Data de publicação: 25/06/2013
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