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Maurits Typography

Maurits Typography by Tiago H. Ribeiro
Enviado por tiagoribeiro4 em 08/08/2012
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typography through time

This work is about the evolution of type in the cities, through time. It was inspired by the atypi conferences which took place at lisbon in 2006.
Enviado por blackberry em 05/10/2008
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Cartaz - Pontilismo - Dots Typography

Desenvolvido com as características do movimento artístico - Pontilismo.
Enviado por darlene_escribano em 17/11/2011
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school work
Enviado por teresa-silva em 04/03/2012
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Noite, Pertenço, Sinto

Can we create connections between city and citizens? Can typography be a communication vehicle, a metaphor for relationships? At “Night, I Belong, I Feel” the city night is the stage, where typography is the principal character expressing personal feelings, and citizens are just pure memories that figures on facades.
Enviado por niceoli em 19/10/2008
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Tipografia em Movimento

Academic Project. Monograph about moving typography and its potential in the audiovisual mean. The textual content is self-written. Work developed in collaboration with Mário Videira and Susana Carvalho.
Enviado por luisjsrodrigues em 31/10/2011
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Tipografia em Televisão

This object is the result of a study that analyses the typography potential, explaining its specificities for the television medium.
Enviado por niceoli em 19/10/2008
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Cidade Tipográfica

Typography isn't just a way to communicate with people but also a way to transmit values, ideas, and socio-cultural knowledge. With the advance of technology new forms emerge and replete the city. Keeping the focus on ATYPI '06 conferences, the subject “Typographic City” is explained.
Enviado por niceoli em 19/10/2008
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Font Amoldar , school typography
Enviado por misdreavus em 14/09/2010
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Enviado por tfmr1 em 03/03/2011
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