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Wordpress Webdesign - Step by step guide for beginners - Wordpress Development: Designed for the Complete Beginner to WordPress * Includes over 45 step ... - Wordpress for dummies (English Edition)

WordPress Development OVER 45 STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL VIDEOS INCLUDED In this eBook I will walk you through the step by step process of how to build your first WordPress Website. This will be a 6-page website that you can use for your Church, Ministry or Business.This website will consist of a Home Page, Media Page, Events Page, Contact Us Page and more.This WordPress Website is guaranteed to take the online presence of your Church, Ministry or business to another level. Also includes Bonus MaterialI have also set up a website just for this eBook where we have:- A Blog- A Resource Page- 45 Step by Step Tutorial Videos- And More...If you can send an email then you can design a website. If you were to have someone design this WordPress Website for you, they would easily charge you $1,000.00 if not more, but I will teach you how to do it yourself.So go ahead and click the buy now button and let's take your online presence to another level today.Pastor Dre
Autoria: Pastor Dre
Data de publicação: 08/10/2015
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WordPress Website Design & Marketing For The Self-Employed (English Edition)

WordPress Website Design & Marketing For The Self-EmployedConsidering self-employment? Already self-employed? Build your website fastAsk yourself the following:
  • Struggling with your own Wordpress website design and development?
  • Struggling to decide what to blog about once you're self-employed?
  • Struggling to create an online marketing funnel for your self-employed business?
  • Struggling to pull readers, visitors & subscribers to your WordPress website?
If you answered "YES" to any of the above then 'WordPress Website Design & Marketing For The Self-Employed' by Fraser J Hay & Tjaart Kruger will give you the clarity, direction and results that you want from your wordpress website development using Thrive Themes.Inside 'WordPress Website Design & Marketing For The Self-Employed' you will learn:
  • 50 reasons to write a blog, then how to execute a year -long blogging strategy
  • How to access over 120+ responsive wordpress page templates to maximise conversions
  • How to build your list with signup forms for capturing leads on your wordpress website
  • How to measure your online marketing effectiveness (and ROI) with 100% accuracy
  • How to access 10 powerful, practical & responsive wordpress themes for 2017
  • 99 practical online and offline strategies for pulling traffic to your wordpress website
  • 6 powerful, simple & proven ways to formalise your thinking & set key objectives for your site
  • 50 reasons to consider integrating live video streaming into your online marketing
  • Receive a FREE autoresponder for building your list and engaging your website visitors
  • 21 powerful ways to write engaging blog post titles to maximise engagement on your website
Inside 'WordPress Website Design & Marketing For The Self-Employed'
  • How to guarantee better SEO results with your wordpress website development
  • How add impact to your blogs with high quality royalty free images and photos
  • Discover a powerful FREE tool to help get your website indexed and found online
  • How to get help, guidance & support for your self-employed business
  • ...and much, much more.
Generate the impact, engagement and results you want with your wordpress website design tocreate signups, downloads, sales and referrals for your self-employed business.Download this book today, before your self-employed competitors do.Take action now. Scroll up and click the 'buy' button at the top of this page and you can read WordPress Website Design & Marketing For The Self-Employed on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.
Data de publicação: 15/09/2016
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WordPress 2015 Development Step-by-Step. How to Simply set up and Develope your WordPress website or blog!: With a List of My Best Plugins for WordPress ... Application, Web, Blog) (English Edition)

NEW on AMAZON KINDLE STORE!WordPress Development Step-by-Step. How to Simply set up and Develope your WordPress website and blog!Today only, get this BEST SELLER eBook for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $7.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.You're about to discover How to Simply Install and UseWORDPRESS Step-by-Step with images and tutorial.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
  • What should have before using WordPress for your website?
  • How to install WordPress?
  • How to set up Themes/Template for your site?
  • How to add pages and posts in your Site?
  • How will you add categories in your blog?
  • How will you install and activate Plugins?
  • The List of my Best Free or Premium Plugins for WordPress
  • Never Lose your Site: How to backup your full website!
  • All you Need for you Wordpress Development!
  • And much, much more!
➨➨Download your copy today!100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money BackTake action Today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! You save $5,00!! Hurry Up!
Publicado por: Well-Being Publishing House | Data de publicação: 03/03/2015
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Wordpress in a week: ...Or less (English Edition)

If you can send an email, then you can create a great looking WordPress website in minutes!WordPress is the number one free tool used to create dynamic websites, and is used by millions of people from web developers to grandparents to build beautiful websites. In this comprehensive book I will show you how you can use this great platform to create the website of your dreams. I have gone out of my way to make sure that there is no stone left unturned – you will learn Wordpress in a week or less! By the time you go through this book you will have created a fully functional website without writing single line of code. This was unimaginable just a few years ago, but the power of WordPress has made this possible, and it is why it powers more than 60 Million websites on the web. This book will help you to add your website to this ever growing list, and you will learn:
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to master the WordPress admin area
  • How to create killer posts and pages
  • How to customize themes
  • How to turbo charge your website by installing and managing plugins
  • How to bring your content to life using the WordPress Media Library
  • How to add users to your site
  • How to secure your website and always keep things running
  • How to attract search engine traffic
  • …and much much more!
I have included an entire chapter that will show you how you can create a successful website or a blog by following proven success methods. Updated to the latest version of WordPress version 4–this means that all of the screenshots will match exactly what you see on your screen and you can easily follow along step-by-step to create a website that you can be proud of.
Autoria: Zak Cagaros
Data de publicação: 27/05/2014
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WordPress For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide To WordPress For Technically Declined Users! (English Edition)

"WordPress For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide To WordPress For Technically Declined Users!" provides non-technical users with an overview of the benefits and advantages of using WordPress and includes free access to a complete WordPress training system containing hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials that will show you how to easily start, manage, and grow a digital business presence using WordPress at minimal cost and no coding skills required.This valuable WordPress training resource was written by someone who has spent 10+ years successfully building and managing hundreds of WordPress websites with zero coding skills and without the need to hire technical experts. The information contained in this guide will save you valuable time and help you avoid spending thousands of dollars in unnecessary web development costs. "WordPress For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide To WordPress For Technically Declined Users!" includes FREE access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials, WordPress video tutorials, downloadable templates, checklists, and PDF guides, all laid out in logical sequence, plus a download link to a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly access all tutorials 24/7 from your own WordPress dashboard. The tutorials are regularly updated with new information and additional content, and fully interlinked for ease of navigation, allowing you to learn WordPress at your own pace.The tutorials are organized into comprehensive training modules covering all areas of WordPress: - Overview & Introduction To WordPress - How To Install WordPress - How To Configure WordPress - How To Use WordPress - WordPress Plugins - How To Customize WordPress - WordPress Management - WordPress Optimization - WordPress Security - Online Business Strategies (e.g. learn how to integrate WordPress with eCommerce, SEO, Social Media, Membership Sites, Affiliate Marketing, Outsourcing, etc.) If you want to learn how to build a website with minimal cost and no coding skills required that will put you in complete control of your digital presence, "WordPress For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide To WordPress For Technically Declined Users!" is the only WordPress guide you will ever need!
Data de publicação: 23/04/2016
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WordPress: Create Your Own Professional Looking Website And Discover The Best Wordpress Plugins To Engage Visitors (Wordpress, WordPress 2016 Guide, WordPress Websites) (English Edition)

WordPress (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)Create Your Own Professional Looking Website And Discover The Best Wordpress Plugins To Engage VisitorsIf you are a budding artist wanting to get your words of expression out to the general public there is no platform more immediate than WordPress. But don’t just stop at posting your work, learn the complete in’s and out’s of how WordPress works. Learn how you can maximize your exposure and broaden your horizons. In this book we will explore the best features that WordPress has to offer! Learn how to use WordPress plugins like an expert, monitor your comments like a pro, and learn how to use twitter on the go! This book will take you through the motions, step by step, in order to show you how you can successfully engage your visitors with one of the most informative, creative and professional WordPress sites and blog posts you could ever imagine!Download your copy of WordPress by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.
Autoria: Anthony Gray
Data de publicação: 08/11/2016
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Start a Freelance Business Today: Freelancing with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork and Fiverr! (English Edition)

You can learn to work successfully as a freelancer online using WordPress, YouTube, Upwork, and Fiverr the way I do by reading this book! Freelancing online is the best thing that has ever happened to my career because I now have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime using my WordPress website, YouTube channel, Upwork profile, and Fiverr gigs.You can use this book to build a complete system that works for you today to get started and advance your work as a freelancer online based on what is working for me today. If you want to get an hourly job you can work online that pays more than what you are doing right now, you might find the Upwork section of the course very helpful. If you immediately want to have something to show for your work online, you might enjoy learning how you can make your first $20 fast using Fiverr gigs. If you want a business system where clients find you and all you have to do is show what you do on your website and on YouTube, the WordPress and YouTube sections will powerfully combine for you the way they do for me!If you are hiring freelancers to grow your business online or you are serving clients now, you can use this book to build a system for quickly hiring freelancers to help you! I have hired hundreds of people on Upwork and spent $5,000+ on Fiverr buying gigs to allow me to spend more time doing the most valuable work. I have managed hundreds of clients and learned the hard way what works and what does not work to scale a freelancing business online.Thank you very much for your interest in learning to start a freelance business with me today and I hope to see you in the book soon!
Data de publicação: 02/07/2016
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BLOGGING: How To Start A Profitable Blogging Business (Make Money online, How To Make Money Blogging, replace day job, home-base business, blog, WordPress blog, guide to blogging) (English Edition)

Use this powerful step by step guide to the secret of building profitable blogging to rake in online passive income starting today!This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start up a profitable blogging business by identify a profitable niche, identify targeted audience, Marketing strategy and how to monetize your blog to make money online.Blogging is a great way to communicate with the world and it is seeing a positive trend in recent times. Blogs work amazingly for people, groups, teams and businesses too. Not only do you get a platform to voice your thoughts objectively, you can also get feedback from the people you have never known and this can be a great way of learning and improving. With blogs, you can exhibit some unparalleled creativity in showcasing your true potentials in a genuine and un-biased manner.Also featured in this e-book are the basics of popular and personal niche blogs. All you need to do is ensure that you build a strong and reliable brand name that can be known for a specific thing.What’s more, blogs can become a source of additional income too. If you’re starting anew, then you may have to do some learning up to commercializing your blog but if you stay at it, then online marketing can work well for you and you could soon be the head of a very successful business. This e-book is a guide to building profitable blog.Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn...
  • Identify Your Target Audience And Position Your Blog
  • To Niche or Not To Niche
  • Set Up Smart Blogs
  • How To Market Your Blog
  • Niche Profitable Niche Themes
  • How to Monetise Your Blog
  • Take advantage of this promotion Now And Get This Kinde Book For Only $0.99!
  • Autoria: Michael Coker
    Data de publicação: 19/03/2016
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    Wordpress Web Application Development - Third Edition

    Key Features
    • Develop powerful web applications rapidly with WordPress
    • Explore the significant features and improvements introduced in WordPress 4.7 by learning the numerous tips and techniques in this book.
    • Unleash the power of REST API endpoints to make your interaction with websites new and innovative.
    Book DescriptionWordPress is one of the most rapidly expanding markets on the Web. Learning how to build complex and scalable web applications will give you the ability and knowledge to step into the future of WordPress. WordPress 4.7 introduces some exciting new improvements and several bug fixes, which further improve the entire development process.This book is a practical, scenario-based guide to expanding the power of the WordPress core modules to develop modular and maintainable real-world applications from scratch. This book consistently emphasizes adapting WordPress features into web applications. It will walk you through the advanced usages of existing features such as access controlling; database handling; custom post types; pluggable plugins; content restrictions; routing; translation; caching; and many more, while you build the backend of a forum management application.This book begins by explaining how to plan the development of a web application using WordPress' core features. Once the core features are explained, you will learn how to build an application by extending them through custom plugin development. Finally, you will explore advanced non-functional features and application integration.After reading this book, you will have the ability to develop powerful web applications rapidly within limited time frames.What you will learn
    • Develop extendable plugins with the use of WordPress features in core modules
    • Develop pluggable modules to extend the core features of WordPress as independent modules
    • Manage permissions for a wide range of content types in web applications based on different user types
    • Follow WordPress coding standards to develop reusable and maintainable code
    • Build and customize themes beyond conventional web layouts
    • Explore the power of core database tables and understand the limitations when designing database tables for large applications
    • Integrate open source modules into WordPress applications to keep up with the latest open source technologies
    • Customize the WordPress admin section and themes to create the look and feel of a typical web application
    About the AuthorRakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake is a freelance web developer, writer, and an open source enthusiast. He develops premium WordPress plugins for individual clients and the CodeCanyon marketplace. User Profiles Made Easy ( https://goo.gl/dXunQa ) and WP Private Content Plus ( https://goo.gl/CwAE5D) are the most popular plugins he has developed. Rakhitha is the creator of www.wpexpertdeveloper.com, where he shares his latest WordPress plugins. He is also a regular contributor to a number of popular websites, such as 1stwebdesigner, the Tuts+ network, and the SitePoint network. Building Impressive Presentations with impress.js was his first book, which was published by Packt Publishing. In his spare time, he likes to watch cricket and spend time with his family. You can visit him online at www.wpexpertdeveloper.com.
    Publicado por: Packt Publishing | Data de publicação: 06/07/2017
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    Professional WordPress Plugin Development

    Taking WordPress to the next level with advanced plugin development WordPress is used to create self-hosted blogs and sites, and it's fast becoming the most popular content management system (CMS) on the Web. Now you can extend it for personal, corporate and enterprise use with advanced plugins and this professional development guide. Learn how to create plugins using the WordPress plugin API: utilize hooks, store custom settings, craft translation files, secure your plugins, set custom user roles, integrate widgets, work with JavaScript and AJAX, create custom post types. You'll find a practical, solutions-based approach, lots of helpful examples, and plenty of code you can incorporate!
    • Shows you how to develop advanced plugins for the most popular CMS platform today, WordPress
    • Covers plugin fundamentals, how to create and customize hooks, internationalizing your site with translation files, securing plugins, how to create customer users, and ways to lock down specific areas for use in corporate settings
    • Delves into advanced topics, including creating widgets and metaboxes, debugging, using JavaScript and AJAX, Cron integration, custom post types, short codes, multi site functions, and working with the HTTP API
    • Includes pointers on how to debug, profile and optimize your code, and how to market your custom plugin
    Learn advanced plugin techniques and extend WordPress into the corporate environment.
    Publicado por: Wrox | Data de publicação: 17/02/2011
    Detalhes sobre o livro digital: eBook Kindle, 552 páginas
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