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The biologist H. Maturana developed a theory of knowing, the Biology of Knowing, funded on the question “how we do what we do”? This allow us to explain the cognitive effectivity of living and human beings as the conditions that preserve the history of mutual congruent structural changes as long as autopoietic unity and its containing environments do not disintegrate. From the phenomenon of constitution of living we developed an explanation about the arising of human phenomenon. This allowed us to formulate a theory of designing, the Biology of Designing, which demonstrates how to design and build artifacts and environments which promote the cognitive effectivity of their users as a byproduct of the own phenomenon of humannessing that constitutes them as particular human beings. Finally, this theory is applied to the construction of a new methodology of designing and engineering of conversation artifacts and environments (computer artifacts and environments).
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Attractiveness of Brazil as an international investment and business hub

In this report BRAiN identifies seven pillars that characterize the attractiveness of an international investments and business hub and compares Brazil with other 13 countries in 57 dimensions.
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Serra do Itapeti

Livro sobre a Serra do Itapeti
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Estrutura da Vida

Material da Casa das Ciências, disponível para download em: http://www.casadasciencias.org/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_details&gid=17606&Itemid=23
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Application of Small Interfering RNA

Application of Small Interfering RNA for Inhibition of Lipopolysaccharide-induced Osteoclast Formation and Cytokine Stimulation
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Brazil as one of the hubs of Latin America's new business network

This report sets out, concisely, the importance of integrating the continent and of projecting Brazil as a regional leader in the task of coordinating efforts to increasingly involve the region in the global scenario.
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Freshwater Fish of Rio de Janeiro State - Peixes de Águas Interiores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Descrição da fauna de peixes de águas interiores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro por bacia hidrográfica. Freshwater fish fauna of Rio de Janeiro State, depict by watershed.
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Build your Pool of Trainers (t-kit)

Build your Pool of Trainers (t-kit)
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Identification of SPAM messages using an approach inspiredon the immune system

Artigos Publicados por Membros e Alunos do Curso ARL
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Knowledge creation’s tools in the development of business models

The purpose of this dissertation is to present the evolution of the concept of business model, its representations and characteristics and its development process; to identify the principal methods and techniques for management and creation of organizational knowledge, as well as the development process of a business model. It highlights the main methods and techniques for creating organizational knowledge.
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