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Research & Development Units

Research, along with teaching, is the driving force of the University, and its level of excellence is always our main reference of prestige.” João Queiroz, Rector
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Knowledge creation’s tools in the development of business models

The purpose of this dissertation is to present the evolution of the concept of business model, its representations and characteristics and its development process; to identify the principal methods and techniques for management and creation of organizational knowledge, as well as the development process of a business model. It highlights the main methods and techniques for creating organizational knowledge.
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Review of Contexts and Structures for Education for Sustainable Development

The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD, 2005-2014), offers an opportunity to rethink the manner in which we approach global challenges. Since its international launch in New York on 1st March 2005, the DESD has made considerable progress in terms of concrete activities and actions on the ground. Apart from the regional and national launches, progress has been achieved in both institutional and programmatic areas at international...
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Translating the Scientific Knowledge of Early Child Development

Translating the Scientific Knowledge of Early Child Development
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O Empréstimo do Banco EIB ao Brasil para Mitigação das Mudanças Climáticas é Sustentável?

Portuguese translation of our report about climate fincancing of the European Investment Bank to BNDES, the Brazilian development bank. How sustainable are the projects which are to be financed with this money?
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The MBA in a Woman's Career Development

The Lisbon MBA Admissions and Marketing Director, Sofia Ribeiro, speaks about the career differences that still exist regarding men and women and the importance of a MBA for a woman's career progression and development.
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TECNOMARKET Marketing & Business Development

B2B Marketing and business development.Customer research,export,import,sales,promotion.
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Alumnus promoted as New Business and Talent&Knowledge Development Director at Fuel

João Ribeiro, The Lisbon MBA International alumnus, is the new New Business and Talent & Knowledge Director at Fuel. He will be responsible for all the strategic planning and for leveraging internal talent.
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Portfolio Noble Strategy

Portfolio featuring software development, web and graphic design.
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Objetivos de Desenvolvimento do Milênio - Casimiro de Abreu ano de 2007

This publication presents the situation of Casimiro de Abreu in relation with the Millenium Development Goals within the work of monitoring city indicators related to the Millenium Development Goals in 2007.
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