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Álbum de Figurinhas Oficial da Copa do Mundo da Rússia 2018 - Colecione!

Hair Expression #33

Revista Hair Expression
Enviado por felipeagne em 11/07/2010
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Tags: expression · hair · mixuse · mix-use

Catálogo Still Cillié Expression 2011

Catálogo still desenvolvido para Cillié da coleção Cillié Expression 2011
Enviado por xucas em 23/01/2013
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Tags: catalogo · cillie · still

Vinca na Expressão #1

vinca na expressão
Enviado por vincaclothing em 27/09/2011
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Noite, Pertenço, Sinto

Can we create connections between city and citizens? Can typography be a communication vehicle, a metaphor for relationships? At “Night, I Belong, I Feel” the city night is the stage, where typography is the principal character expressing personal feelings, and citizens are just pure memories that figures on facades.
Enviado por niceoli em 19/10/2008
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Fornatura PUC Fernando

Teste album Fernando
Enviado por haidukk em 09/02/2010
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Organismo | 6ªbásica | O livro conceito que traduz em interpretações artísiticas todos os preceitos que orientam nossas ideias, atitudes e criações. Manifeste-se.
Enviado por 6tabasica em 01/02/2011
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O potencial dos mecanismos de comunicação cromáticos no âmbito das Indústrias Criativas

The creative industries can be understood as those that include mechanisms for providing information in different languages and expression forms, exerting a strong influence on our quotidian. The analysis of chromatic information, as a form of expression and content, was the main subject of this research, because it‟s an element of visual language with significant relevance in the processes of communication and has a great semantic load, contributing significantly to the composition aspects of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic data. From this reflection on the roles played by color as visual sign, linking their importance to the visual arts as a generator of information and support, we conclude that there is a need to create a digital platform based and found on color theory and cultural aspects, which contributes for decisions on the applicability of the resources of visual information.
Enviado por joanacerejo em 16/12/2011
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Culture Jamming, the art of subverting the hegemonic

The identification realm has been marked by a growing multiplicity. Consumption has become the expression of thousands of different and changing desires. Given the inefficiency of traditional analytical categories, such as social classes, new ones emerge, defined on the basis of less tangible features. Along the lines of non-institutionalization of social movements, culture jamming is an important and creative form of resistance. Its main feature is the subversion of meaning, carried out through the parody of marketing pieces proposed by large companies, and circulated by hegemonic media. Through a proposal of democratization of traditional media, and the deconstruction of the hegemonic and institutionalized discourse, jammers stand as mediators since, in claiming a right to communication, they take upon themselves the task of widening the access to citizenship for a large number of consumers.
Enviado por valeriaravier em 01/06/2012
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Fora do Tempo - #01

FORA DO TEMPO shows that the visual interpretations follow a parallel flow our reality. Everything is going on when an artistic expression shed from his time and this is a live multimedia parallel universe time. We came to show a new look, a 100% multimedia magazine design, art “contemporary” Brazilian and a blog globalized. > visit > www.foradotempo.com
Enviado por foradotempo em 23/02/2013
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Teclado Workstation ROLAND RD-700GX - Manual Sonigate

Perfect Touch && keys PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboard Perfect Piano ■RD-700GX Rear Panel ■RD-300GX Rear Panel Another distinguishing feature of the RD-700GX is its electric-piano sound bank derived from Roland’s unique SuperNATURAL technology. Enjoy realism, expression, and control like never before with this special selection of EPs that provide amazingly authentic and organic tonal response. http://www.roland.com/products/en/ For more details, visit About "SuperNATURAL" ➞ P13-P14
Enviado por sonigate em 03/05/2011
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