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Álbum de Figurinhas Oficial da Copa do Mundo da Rússia 2018 - Colecione!

Connheça o Avaya IPOffice

Avaya IP Office enables to work productively from virtually any location. At home, in the office, or on the road, the Avaya IP Office keeps things moving forward by staying connected with just a laptop and smartphone. Regardless of where you works, always improving the bottom line.
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Door Phone - Linha SLIM

Door Phone VoIP, compatible with IPBX supporting SIP v2.  SIP proxy server mode to register your IP phones on the Door Phone.  Voice and Video stream broadcast on IP phones with video support.  IP Camera  HTTP Management.  2 relays control  WiFi option  Day & night service
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Door Phone NUDV - Comercial Info

Connection to an extension analog line of any PBX Voice communication via an analog line -Video via IP network camera or alternatively CCD coax colour or B/W camera -RFID autonomous reader module, up to 500 cards optional expansion to max. 2,000 cards -12V power supply -IP42 rating -Modular system allows to connect 1 to 64 buttons -Voice communication is supplied from a telephone line only -Impulse and tone dialing (DTMF) -Two 16-digit numbers with each button (including *, #, Flash and Pause) -Day/night switching
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elastix without tears
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Carlos Casagrande

Q Revista - 31ª Edição
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catalogo da cianet
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Empreendedor 126

Edição n. 126 da revista Empreendedor de abril de 2005
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Door Phone - SkyLine

VoIP (SIP) modular door entry intercom system  Skyline IP DP door entry system consists of various modules incl: IP audio module for voice communication o IP video module for video + voice communication o single and double pushbuttons, max. 64 - module of dialling keypad - codelock o RFID access control module o Bluetooth - access control module - Fingerprint access control module
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