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Votorantim Group recruits from The Lisbon MBA

The Brazilian group, Votorantim, comes to Portugal to recruit talent from The Lisbon MBA.
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 11/04/2012
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Team Building in The Lisbon MBA

The Lisbon MBA welcomes its Part Time students to the MBA by promoting several activities, one of them is the Outdoor activity where the students start creating bonds and knowing each other
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The Lisbon MBA Part Time Students go to India

In the context of The Lisbon MBA Part Time International Trip students will travel to India to explore business practices and opportunities in this emerging market. Students will be visiting companies and institutions in order to really understand the India's business scope.
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 18/04/2013
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5 Students from The Lisbon MBA win CCMAR award

5 students from The Lisbon MBA designed the winning business plan for CCMAR (Sea Services and Technologies Center in Portugal)
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 10/12/2012
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The Lisbon MBA é um projecto internacional

Interview with The Lisbon MBA Executive Director, Belén de Vicente, with Executive Digest
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 30/04/2010
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The Lisbon MBA nominated for the Marketeer Awards

The Lisbon MBA was nominated for the Marketeer Awards as one of the top 6 Brands in the Education category.
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 31/01/2012
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Analisys work of Lisbon station, "gare do Oriente"

one of the main Lisbon train and bus station is an architectura masterpiece by spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, in this work an analisys is made of all the functional aspects, and some problems are identified witihin the design concept ande the construction materials. work made in cooperation with Silvia Santos
Enviado por jose23sanchez em 21/03/2011
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The Lisbon MBA - Who's Who

The Lisbon MBA as featured in Diário Económico's Who's Who guide for MBA programs.
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 22/10/2011
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The Lisbon MBA Events

Visão gives a general overview of the events The Lisbon MBA is organizing this month and June
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Lisbon MBA quer 50% de estrangeiros

Article in Sol talking about The Lisbon MBA's goal of having 50% of its students come from foreign countries. Currently, 31% of its students are from outside of Portugal.
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 27/07/2011
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