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First Class Connections: Log Smuggling, Illegal Logging and Corruption in Mozambique

A report on the illegal flow of timber from Mozambique to China featuring detailed case studies revealing smuggling techniques, specific examples of corruption and the collusion of senior Mozambique politicians with Chinese timber exporters.
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Youth and Adult Learning and Education in Mozambique

In 2011, the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) conducted a research study in five of the countries in the region – Angola, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland — to draw an up-to-date map of the current state of youth and adult education in these countries. The study involved investigation of the policies, the institutional frameworks, the governance, the funding, the provision and the stakeholders in each of these countries. This report on Mozambique is part of that regional study.
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ActionAid Mozambique Newsletter 2005

Newsletter in Portuguese for NGOs in Mozambique. Editor: Per Bergholdt Jensen
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Boletim Salesiano Mozambique nº47

Edição digital nº 1 - Março/Abril 2012
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Baseline Study Regarding Mozambique Family Law

Portuguese version. This was originally written in Portuguese.
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Boletim Salesiano Mozambique nº 48 Maio-Junho 2012

revista bimensal salesiana
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[email protected]

[email protected]† is a R&D project developed by the University of Aveiro, Portugal, in Mozambique. The project is fully supported by a platform developed by the Projecto Matemática Ensino. The aim of the project is to implement and maintain for a period of five years a network and to increase the use of computers and Internet as a tool to improve the teaching of Mathematics and Portuguese in Mozambique. It is a nationwide project as it will be carried through with ten centres spread for all the country and intends to involve permanently about 25.000 students and professors of more than 30 schools. The challenge of the project is to achieve the self-sustainability of the network after the end of the project.
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Manual Expatriado

Manual Expatriado Mozambique - Brasileiros
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Relatório da revisãodo sector de Saúde

Mozambique Health Systems Assessment in Portuguese.
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Fotos feitas durante o voluntariado de Caroline Olivia no projeto TCE de preven ão do HIV em Mozambique, Africa.
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