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Zaask - The Lisbon MBA Alumni successful with the new online platform

Zaask, a startup created by The Lisbon MBA alumni, starts its first steps to success with their online platform to help find the right jobs for the right people
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 08/05/2012
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Platform Independent and Open Tool for Probabilistic Networks © SBC 2003

This paper describes the UnBBayes. This software supports the graphical edition of Bayesian network, influence diagram, and multiple sectioned Bayesian network. The learning of either the structure (topology) or the parameters (probabilities) of Bayesian networks, based on search and measures algorithms (K2 or B) or conditional independence (Cheng-Bell-Liu) can be done from a dataset of historic cases. An interesting feature of UnBBayes is the building of Bayesian network based intelligent applications with medical-metaphor interface and explanation capacity to support the diagnosis process. The UnBBayes is free software that is available under a GNU General Public License (GPL).
Enviado por rommelnc em 31/12/2002
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Liberal Platform Brochure (Portuguese)

A Sua Família. O Seu Futuro. O Seu Canadá.
Enviado por liberalca em 14/04/2011
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A single platform for procurement

This document brings together a range of electronic platforms that currently prevail in the spectrum of a single contratao public. Such an implementation will cause a great cost reduction accompanied with inherent simplifying the entire procedure.
Enviado por miguel38 em 18/01/2013
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Manifesto do CONTRA :: AGAINST Manifest

Manifesto do CONTRA. O CONTRA é uma plataforma de cariz contraditório. :: The AGAINST Manifest. Against is a creative platform of contradictory nature.
Enviado por re.volta.do.contra em 06/04/2011
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Power Magazine

Brazilian Magazine for CIOs, CFOs and Infraestructure managers for IBM Power Platform
Enviado por powerchannel em 06/07/2011
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Tags: power · platform · ibm · technology

Apresentação Soluções - Mobile

Apresentação comercial dos serviços de mobile ofertados dentro da PaaS Media Town
Enviado por mediatown em 07/04/2011
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Impacto dos Grandes Projectos Estrut. no Concelho de Palmela ao Nível do Orden. e do Desenvolv.

MARQUES, B.P., COELHO, A.F. e PITEIRA, C. (2009) “O Impacto dos Grandes Projectos Estruturantes no Concelho de Palmela ao Nível do Ordenamento e do Desenvolvimento Territorial”, in Actas do IV Congresso Internacional sobre Ordenamento do Território: Infra-Estruturas e Desenvolvimento Regional, Lisboa, pp. 169-197, ISBN 978-84-693-0061-9.
Enviado por bmpm em 05/12/2011
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Apresentação Soluções - Audio

Apresentação comercial dos serviços de áudio ofertados dentro da PaaS Media Town
Enviado por mediatown em 28/03/2011
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Material Handling (PT)

Heavy-duty Carts and trucks brochure
Enviado por rubbermaid.eu em 21/10/2010
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