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Nuclear Medicine Course - Erasmus Program

Nuclear Medicine Course - Erasmus Program
Enviado por cursomn em 01/10/2012
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English Language Program - International Viewbook - Portuguese Version

English Language Program - International Viewbook
Enviado por uwinnipeg em 05/12/2012
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Program Management Training

Programa de Treinamento em Gestão através da metodologia EFM - E-learnig for Management.
Enviado por pmproject em 22/01/2013
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Amanda Medeiros | Visual Identity Program

Visual Identity Program for the physiotheratisp Amanda Medeiros.
Enviado por vanessarodriguesaguiar em 01/02/2011
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Tags: vip · branding · design

atelier ABOUT | Visual Identity Program

Programa de Identidade Visual para atelier de arquitetura, design e arte. Visual Identity Program for atelier of architecture, design and art.
Enviado por vanessarodriguesaguiar em 21/01/2011
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Tags: identity · branding · design · vip

Rotary Youth Exchange Short-Term Exchange Program

The District/ Club Youth Exchange Officer should complete the adjacent box and add their District Number in the space above before passing on to the student for completion.
Enviado por bibliotecarotaria em 13/04/2012
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Tags: news · journal

The Lisbon MBA - Program Profile in Diário Económico

Full profile of both The Lisbon MBA International and Part-Time programs featured in Diário Económico
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 25/10/2010
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AISM Scholarship Program

Application forms for AISM Scholarships
Enviado por a.leicht em 19/05/2013
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Exchange Program Between The Lisbon MBA and INSPER

Students from The Lisbon MBA International work together with teachers and other students from INSPER in São Paulo in order to respond to challenges that both EDP and Maksen have given them. This activity is part of one of the action learning modules of The Lisbon MBA International called, International Labs
Enviado por thelisbonmba em 30/09/2012
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Biodiversity monitoring program at Alqueva

The Alqueva and Pedrógão dam’s multi system, which have recently being built in southern of Portugal, flood an area of 25 000ha. Habitat loss and fragmentation will displace wildlife species, while others will be attracted by new habitats.
Enviado por masp em 22/09/2008
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