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translation technology landscape report

Report on translation
Enviado por recles em 13/03/2013
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HOT - Human Oriented Technology

Trabalho acadêmico que recebeu o 1o. prêmio no concurso PREMIO DE EXCELENCIA ACADEMICA ACCENTURE.
Enviado por alessandro.orefice em 31/05/2007
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Days on Technology 2010

Proposta de participação
Enviado por zemigsan em 18/01/2010
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Phare Diligence Technology Ltda

Apresentação Corporativa 1o Trimestre | 2009
Enviado por carlosareia em 14/01/2009
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Having in mind the evolution of technology inside classrooms and the proximity that is increasing between young students and technology environment, it is clear the need to build tools that promote learning, appealing to new technology. That was the main reason why Diz3 was created. It is an application built to evaluate primary school students’ mental skill and test, in a playful way, the knowledge acquired on the three main areas of study – Maths, Portuguese Language and “Estudo do Meio” (which is a mixture of Geography, Science and interpersonal relations).
Enviado por projectopensas em 21/11/2011
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Vol.3 N.1 - Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management

Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management is a techno-scientific publication serialized, edited, and published by the Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço-IAE). It contains articles that have been selected by an Editorial Committee composed of researchers and technologists from IAE and outside members of the scientific community. The magazine is published every four months. Its main objective is to show the scientific and technological research results, specially those relating to the aerospace field, as well as promote an additional source of diffusion and interaction with the scientific community. This journal provides public access to all of its contents, following the principle of making free access to research and generate a greater global exchange of knowledge.
Enviado por journalofaerospacetechnology em 28/04/2011
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Pride bodyboards | Radial Flex Technology | Portugues

O Pride Lab®, construído de raiz para R&D (research & development), tem orgulho em anunciar o seu primeiro grande desenvolvimento em termos tecnológicos e de design: Radial Flex® incorporando Dynamic Arc® technology.
Enviado por napcoglobal em 18/01/2013
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Catálogo Shark Technology

Catálogo Shark Technology
Enviado por cristhianborges em 08/03/2011
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DIZ 3 - TECHNOLOGY FOR A BETTER EDUCATION" da autoria de A. Batel(1), A. Bernardo(1), A. Carvalho(1), A. Silva(1), C. Rêgo(2), H. Santos(2), J. Alves(2), J. Silva(1)
Enviado por projectopensas em 21/11/2011
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T&B Petroleum 28

The Brazilian TECHNOLOGY and BUSINESS Magazine of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Biofuels
Enviado por webmaster-tn em 21/04/2010
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