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Acesso à terra e meios de vida: examinando suas interações em três locais no estado do Pará

tenure systems, forestry law, settlement, case studies, regulations, agricultural development, agroforestry systems , Brazil, Amazonia
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Turning Point

Relatório afirma que a compra de milhões de hectares por investidores interessados em desenvolver atividades econômicas e de preservação resulta na expulsão de pessoas de suas terras e já é uma das causas para revoluções civis
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Projeto discusão sobre ovnis

Discusão sobre ovnis, Fanis, Osnis
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Relatório Anual 2012

Relatório Anual 2012
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Complemento Revista EXAME PME 43

Complemento Revista EXAME PME 43
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Socla - Rio+20 - scaling up

Socla - Rio+20 - scaling up
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Dezembro de 2011 - Ensino Superior e Investigação

JF SUP - Dezembro de 2011
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Brochura NOVA 2012-2013

Brochura de Cursos da Universidade Nova de Lisboa 2012-2013
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Gender in Local Government: A Sourcebook for Trainers

Good local governance cannot exist without giving due attention to gender equality and women’s empowerment. UN-HABITAT has therefore made great efforts to mainstream gender both internally and in its work with partners. The Training and Capacity Building Branch has recently published a number of training tools which aim to increase the capacity of local governments in such areas as local governance, management, local economic development and financial management. A strong gender dimension has been incorporated into these tools and ongoing training activities to further support UN-Habitat’s gender policy. Despite these efforts, many training institutes are inadequately equipped to provide training on gender issues in local government and in fully integrating the gender dimension in their day-to-day courses. This tool, ‘Gender Equality and Equity:
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Contract Pharma Magazine

Every week, thousands of pharma and biopharma outsourcing professionals go to www.ContractPharma.com to read current features, find stories in the archives, get breaking news and online exclusives, download surveys, Top Companies reports and whitepapers, search the Contract Services Directory and find useful links to other important content. These users are a highly targeted audience that comes back time and again for insights into this marketplace and into your products and services.
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