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The biologist H. Maturana developed a theory of knowing, the Biology of Knowing, funded on the question “how we do what we do”? This allow us to explain the cognitive effectivity of living and human beings as the conditions that preserve the history of mutual congruent structural changes as long as autopoietic unity and its containing environments do not disintegrate. From the phenomenon of constitution of living we developed an explanation about the arising of human phenomenon. This allowed us to formulate a theory of designing, the Biology of Designing, which demonstrates how to design and build artifacts and environments which promote the cognitive effectivity of their users as a byproduct of the own phenomenon of humannessing that constitutes them as particular human beings. Finally, this theory is applied to the construction of a new methodology of designing and engineering of conversation artifacts and environments (computer artifacts and environments).
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IBM - Transistor Theory

Transistor Theory IBM
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IBM - Transistor Theory Illustrated

Livro "Teoria Ilustrada dos Trasistores" Idioma: Inglês
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A Informática e os Mais Velhos

A Informática e os Mais Velhos - Uma Teoria Emergente
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O potencial dos mecanismos de comunicação cromáticos no âmbito das Indústrias Criativas

The creative industries can be understood as those that include mechanisms for providing information in different languages and expression forms, exerting a strong influence on our quotidian. The analysis of chromatic information, as a form of expression and content, was the main subject of this research, because it‟s an element of visual language with significant relevance in the processes of communication and has a great semantic load, contributing significantly to the composition aspects of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic data. From this reflection on the roles played by color as visual sign, linking their importance to the visual arts as a generator of information and support, we conclude that there is a need to create a digital platform based and found on color theory and cultural aspects, which contributes for decisions on the applicability of the resources of visual information.
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A Magistratura

Foundations of the judicial power; history, theory, critical analysis, proposals.
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Bazinga! - Monet

Eles estão se vingando da falta de popularidade na escola com a mair sitcom da atualidade: The Big Bang Theory. Conversamos com o elenco principal para entender por que é dos nerds que a audiência gosta mais.
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Teoria de cor

Teoria de cor, guia de cor, color guide, color theory
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O Direito Constitucional como Processo

Constitutional Law, Politics, Legal Theory, Critical Legal Studies
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História da Historiografia 11

Número 11, abril de 2013
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